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*Not sure if this is the best forum to post in but the classifieds didn't seem right since I don't have a price to post.

Sadly I believe it has come time to sell my '04 V10 and looking for some input on pricing and best way to sell based on current state. *Selling because my job has changed and I'm often towing a trailer and picking up material so a pickup is really the best option for me.

'04 Touareg V10 Located in PA (was a FL car until 6 yrs ago)
3rd Owner

138k miles
Reed Green over Brown (forget actual name of color)
Air Ride/Factory Tow Package
- The hood has several dents from acorns, and there is a dent on the wheel well behind the rear door from a minor accident (have all the pics) if you didn't know it was there you would never see it. Other than that normal wear for a car with 138k. The soft touch buttons aren't the best or worst I've ever seen and the climate control screens are finicky but they operate just fine.

- Have substantial service records which included a engine out repair at ~90k and replacement of additional seals etc. I just replaced a front air-strut that went out and had the turbo vane lubed up.

So I need inspection at the moment (PA Inspection) and I need new brakes, oil change, fuel filter etc. I'm not sure if PA inspection is reciprocal therefore I'm not sure if it's worth having the work done now and then listing the car or just listing now as is.

Looking for thoughts on best way to sell and ball park pricing?

I'm thinking $7500-$8k as is and maybe $8500-$9000 post brakes and inspection?
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