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Long time member since 10/2006, but never posted until now. Been a fan of VW's and Audi's for many years.
Just got a like new 2013 black Touareg Exec. This thing is awesome. No dings or scratches anywhere.

The previous owner never drove it in snow/salt conditions, so it is literally like brand new inside and out and underneath. Came with new tires. This is the same one that another member on here was interested in. I wanted it, but my wife wasn't on board until I took her to see it.
2 days later and it was mine. I was also interested in the Audi Q5 prestige and Q3 prestige, but this deal was too good to pass up.

I have been interested in Touaregs since they came out. I remember test driving a brand new 2004 V8 msrp $48k. I thought I'll never get something like this. Was driving a 2001.5 Passat GLX 4 Motion at the time that I purchased new in 2001.

A little disappointed that it doesn't have remote start. Even my 2007 Acadia has that.
I learned a little trick to getting the Dynaudio to sound better. In Settings, change the sound confidence to the Front and sounds great and has better bass now. It was originally set to Front/Rear. My Bose systems in my Acadia and Enclave have much more punch and better bass than the Dynaudio.

I will be looking forward to posting on here and learn as much as I can. Will post some pics as soon as I am able. Thanks.
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