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...periscope up!

after almost 4 month I finally released my 'total loss' 2010 TDi touareg a couple of weeks ago. what a mess but I have finally
moved on and learned to start living with the stock SR5 4runner.

like most love - hate car relationships in the past I had to push this stock SR5 4runner to it's extremes to find it's true capabilities.
first I got it stuck good turming around on a single track road in the maine north woods after just buying it and this past week I used it for 3 days
over in vermont finishing up an install at a icy-snowy borderline mountain height cell tower site. it's a boring, slow, gas pig SUV till you put
it in 4Lo and use hill decent mode to literally go down a snowy goat path and bamm! this thing is a tank. whatever options that are
lacking when compared to my past tuned TDi treg (and it's a ton) the 4runner makes up for when actually offroad.

I have started warming up to the idea of getting another touareg as a pure offroad toy in a year or two. I had to let the first one go
to realize I can always find another if I look hard enough. until then I still had the stage 2 TDi golf that always puts a smile on my face
every time I drive it.

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