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Hello folks,
another issue from our VW :) --> Touareg V6 Tdi 7L
So the level lock button does not work
the level up down button does not work
the sport/auto/comfort button does not work.
So what we have done
1. Scan the system and the output error is 01176 control head for vehichle leveling p28 we sucpect this HEAD is the faulty one but we don`t know where is it and what can be done diagnose and repair adapt or replace it
2. Test and Adapt the module of Level Control everything seems to be ok the car is moving up down due to adaptation process no issue
3. Take a spare Level Control Module second hand for test, the new one seems to be 1200 Euro which is not acceptable -
3.1 we drove the car to one service cannot connect to this Lift module and might be faulty.... but we connect to it with success with ROSS-Tech VCDS and make adaptation with it diag and so on
3.2 We put the spare module and when scan it it has 8 errors from every sensor on the system of leveling include that HEAD error i don`t know is this normal or not
4. From the official near service sad that they cannot fix the issue
5. Abandon the VW at the parking to gather thoughts :D :)

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