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I seem to have an odd situation with my 2015 TDI Lux where the key fobs are fighting with one another.

When I purchased the vehicle used, it came with one fob. I went to my local VW dealer and purchased a new fob and had them programmed (one newly programmed and the other re-programmed).

The anomaly comes where the original key is used for a period of time and thereafter the other driver using the other (new) key enters the vehicle and attempts to start the vehicle. That driver is presented with the “key not found” warning even though the new key is present and near the ignition and the used key is not within or near the vehicle.

The last time this happened, the new key was inserted within the key slot on the dash and the vehicle was successfully started and the new key fob worked as expected thereafter until the scenario was repeated – old original key for a bit, then new key.

The driver may attempt starting via push start at least five to six times with mixed results, most being that the key must be entered into the dash slot, as if the key is not programmed for the vehicle.

The dealer has replaced batteries in each of the remotes, both keys have been “removed” from the vehicle’s computer and re-entered and this scenario has repeated itself today.

I am out of answers and the dealer does not seem to have a proper solution. I created a short video of the situation for the dealer so there would be no confusion…. no change.

Any guidance on this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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