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You cheapest out is to get the kessy module repaired and to disconnect any bad handles that are still defective after the kessy repair. The normal result of the kessy repair is that all the defective antenna warnings are gone!

Notice, usually you have to only disconnect door handles when the push button goes bad. If you did it for antenna issues, you neutered your ride for nothing.

You can't get this done at the dealer, search the forum for advice. And if you don't have access to a VCDS, forget it. You will never fix it. Invest $300 or sell the vehicle at a loss.
You can also just disconnect the antennas at the kessy module. You only need cut the correct wires. But once again class...

If you replace only the mosfets, you fix the battery draw.

There are also some fusible resisters that have to be replaced on the kessy to clear the antenna issues.

You only unhook the door handles when the little black push button malfunctions as the entire freaking switch is buried in epoxy making it all but impossible to fix.

Sigh. You can lead a dehydrated horse to water, but you can't make the horse drink.

It is your car, not mine. Butcher it up if you wish or wade through a long thread and figure it out.
Some of the best 2 posts on this forum on the kessy battery drain issue.

I recently unpinned a wire at the door handle because of the black button shorting out.

Solved my battery drain temporarily until I received an antenna fault for another door handle, also draining battery

Rather than wasting time unpinning, will replace or repair kessy module and review results.

Wish I thought of unpinning at the module
1 - 1 of 17 Posts