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Pardon the long post, its copy and pasted from my Craigslist and Facebook listings.



The CPO has about a year and a half left, yes its transferable. Still has 10 year or 100,000 miles powertrain warranty.

Vin Report & Pictures upon request, sorry posting this at night and don't have a decent album of photos. I frequently detail it in and out (including engine bay and underside for my own satisfaction) for work so no worries on the muddy photo.

2015 Touareg TDI LUX w/ ALL OPTIONS for US Spec
55550 mi - Will go up frequently, this is my daily driver for work (Real Estate)
Cooper Zeon LTZs (255/55 R19) mounted with 65%
Pirelli Scorpion Verdes (255/55 R19) Brand new in bags with stickers
NO ACCIDENTS/ Clean Carfax
Second owner

Just seeing what the interest would be like, no need to sell and definitely not in a rush. Absolutely love this car and just checking out what people would offer for it.

Love the Diesel MPGs and torque, frankly I'm just one of those people who loves these things.

Power: 240hp/406tq
MPGs: 20city/29hwy mpgs (Although most of the time cruising from 60-80 mph with a slight incline I consistently see 30+mpgs)
Tank Size: 26.4 Gallons -- 765 mile range (If you can handle driving moderately)

Towed a 3500lb trailer from Denver to Steamboat, at 60 mph+ the entire way, while I was getting 17-24 mpg

Already been through the "DieselGate" Fix prior to my purchase.

I've owned this particular Touareg since February 26th and switch up my cars pretty frequently, that's the only reason for this posting. It has every option that came on the '15 Lux. No Dynaudio and no ventilated seats which were on the '16 exec. However because of the non-Dynaudio stereo I have done a VCDS tweak and used the Dynaudio sound profile which makes the sound just absolutely perfect. If you don't know about VCDS (VAG-COM) tweaks, just don't worry about it.

I mounted some 265/55/R19 Cooper Zeon LTZ A/Ts (65% left) on this and they are just amazing in any weather, not that the car already isn't flawless in Mud/Snow/Ice/Rain etc. That was my biggest surprise is just how amazing this thing does, its a seamless driving experience with zero effort. $1100 mounted/balanced/aligned.

I have a brand new set of the 255/55/R19 Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Seasons that come with the car as well, still have the stickers on them. ~$800

-Standard Features worth mentioning:
• 4Motion AWD w/ self-locking center diff
• ICRS (Intelligent Crash Response System)
• Adaptive Front Lighting System (Lights auto level, move with steering, fogs light up the side your turning into)
• Auto Dimming Mirrors
• Rain-sensing windshield with heated wiper nozzles
• Under front seat storage compartments
• Heated front seats
• New Google Maps update with street view navigation
• VW Logo Projecting Door Sill Lamps
• 19-in alloy wheels
• Panoramic sunroof
• Heated power-folding exterior mirrors, fold when locked.
• Wood-grain interior trim
• 12-way power front seats with adjustable lumbar and driver-memory functions
• Leather upholstery
• Power-folding rear seats (NO THIRD ROW ON TOUAREGS)
• Rear seat 120 volt outlet

-Added Options:
• Lux Driver Assist Package $2500
  • Lane Departure Warning (Subtle vibration of the steering wheel, adjustable intensity)
  • Side Assist (Blind spot as well as alerts when changing lanes)
  • ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control, keeps distance and will bring to a full stop, by far my favorite feature)
  • Front Assist/Collision Avoidance System (Will automatically break to prevent a collision, alerts if too close to
car ahead, alerts the driver early that they need to break to prevent a collision)
- Heated Steering Wheel (Heat setting can be increased by VCDS)

• Towing Package with 7 pin (Towing Limit is 7,716 lbs... seriously) $325.00

• Splash Guards $265

• 2 Sets of mats including Monster Mats with trunk liner $235

• CPO originally about $2000 extra
  • 2 year/Unlimited Bumper to Bumper coverage with free AdBlue DEF
  • Towing to the nearest licensed authorized VW dealership
  • Flat-tire changes
  • Jump starts
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Winching/extrication
  • Emergency door unlocking
  • Emergency repairs
  • Availability 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
Call or Text Neill
(2one4) sixnine7 - 8sevenfive3

NO SHIPPING, NO PAYPAL, NO TRADES OR HALF TRADES, NO TAKING THE CAR FOR A BIT, AND ABSOLUTELY NO LOW BALL OFFERS, like I said I have zero reason to get rid of it either than checking out the market.

No test drives without intent to buy and cash readily available.

Touareg Volkswagen VW TDI Diesel LUX SUV Offroad Off-road ACC CPO AWD 4WD Driver Assist Cooper Pirelli Leather Heated Seats Tow Package Towing 4Motion Atlas Tiguan Treg Luxury MPG Gas Mileage Turbo


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Seems steep, but I don't know your local market.
As a comparison, I paid ~26k about a year ago for my '14 Exec with 60k with all available options, including 20s and Dynaudio. Now being mine is a '14, it doesn't have the Driver Assist Package, so take that into consideration.
But once again, that was a year ago.....

Just giving you a perspective.

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Hey all feedback is appreciated! Up here in Colorado they do really well, however I have zero need to sell so there’s that as well :D

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How do you like the Cooper Zeons?
Love them, bought them in mid March and have put a solid amount of miles on them, close to 10k. Little noisy now but I’m used to my suvs humming a bit. Off-road I love them, not much mud up here near boulder so I find what I can but goes through puddles up to the grill just fine. I say grab them. Went with the 255/55/19

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They appears to be the only tire that fits the stock rim and has a decent off road tread. Nokian seems to make a few that are close to OEM size too.

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I’ve seen a few people put some wranglers on but they’re so soft I don’t think they’re worth it. I put some wranglers in my girlfriends LR2 but that’s a different story.
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