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Hi guys just thought I would share a pic of my 2004, automatic, 5 cylinder diesel. 278,000 km on the clock. Set me back $5,900.

Really happy with it so far. I have only driven it from Gosford to home on the north coast of NSW. My mate who owns a mechanic shop went over/serviced it for me when I got home. Said everything is in good condition for the age.

Still deciding on what to do with the rims as they are 20 inch. I might try and downgrade to 17s but not to sure yet.

I intend to do a bit of beach driving and tow a caravan (parents) every once in a while not to far from home.

Things I want to do:

- Install an idrive
- Look at aftermarket springs for more clearance
- Replace the old CD player to a bluetooth, reverse camera model.

I changed jobs so I had to sell my 14 model colorado. With having a tight budget I wanted something that could tow 3500kgs, take us off semi off road/beach driving and be comfortable and the Treg ticked all the boxes.

Hopefully I will get down to the beach soon so I will let you know how I go

Yea welcome nice look.
With those rims just be aware that as std the R5 has a different wheel stud pattern to all other Touregs.
Not sure how 20" wheel were fitted.
Either by adaptors, Transporter wheels or some one changed the knuckles?

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