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Yikes! Ya'll frighten me. A couple of things...

1) Stainless Steel won't rust. Look it up.
2) There are lots of stainless polishes. You can take out just about any defect with the proper polishes, compounds and abrasives.
3) Discoloration is a product of the heat, not contaminiation. You buffed out a mark left by the welding process. Its un-even color is due to the internal flow characteristics of the muffler.
4) Why use grill paint when any auto store has heat temp paint, lousy brands but whatever. Wurth makes a fine heat temp paint, if you choose to paint it but why bother? You sure didn't help you resale.
5) I also doubt the malfuntion light is a result of buffing the muffler.

How do I know this? Lots of time around race cars and stainless headers.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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