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Is This Touareg Worth it?

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Hey all New Member here! I'm currently in the Market for a T3 Touareg (2011-2017)

There has finally been one that has come up for sale locally by a private seller. And I'm wondering if it seems to be a decent deal or or overpriced since it seems the market for these are all over the place between years, trims and VR6 vs TDI

So specs are

2011 Touareg Lux VR6
Black Uni Exterior
Anthracite interior
79,420 Miles on the odo

Interior conditioner seems to be 10/10
Exterior 9/10 has some chips in the front bumper.

The second and current owner has owned it since 2012 has multiple service records from being only serviced at The VW Dealer and has gone in every 10k for service

Owner is asking $16,500 is this too high? Avg price? Ok deal. I'm new to what these things are worth especially with the current inflation of everything.


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I think it's overpriced, probably more like a $14K vehicle tops.
I paid $17.5K for my '11 VR6 LUX with 77K on the ODO in late 2017.
Similar condition albeit with a silver exterior.
Times BC [before covid] do not relate at all well to current markets.
I hear ya'. The whole plandemic has skewed the market higher than it should be but in my eyes it's still 14k tops.
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Yeah I get it, looked at it today it's a possible buy there are some chips in it, the literally only drove it when traveling other than that sat in the garage. Was never a main car so that probably explains how it's in such good condition.
Have you negotiated a better than asking price?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts