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I've seen a few threads on here where people are discussing door sag issues. I've got an issue with my Q7 and I don't know if it is door sag and I was hoping to get some more eyes on it. I realize that the vehicle is a little different with body molding, but the doors and the hinges should be the same. The Q7 has this little piece of trim at the bottom that may be a little different than what you guys have.

My problem is that the little piece of molding at the bottom is digging into the body and has cracked the paint. You can also see that the same piece begins to pinch the weather stripping towards the front where the hinge is. If I get under there, everything is perfectly aligned along the seal, then as you look closer to the hinge it starts to pinch. Can this be a result of door sag? I'm having a really difficult time figuring it out. Initially I thought that it was maybe due to someone using a jack improperly, but it has started on the driver side as well and I haven't had anyone other than myself using a jack on that side.

I've attached some photos and I appreciate anyone taking the time to help me figure this out.

This first one shows the body getting rubbed by that black trim. It isn't easy to see in photos, but that black strip is attached to the bottom molding that you can see from the outside photo. That trim wraps down and makes contact with the body. You can also see the pinch on the weather seal.
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From this photo it looks like the seam to the door is pretty even. The gap in the molding looks pretty much the same on the driver side. I'm still trying to get a good comparison photo.
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Again, I think that the seam between the front and rear doors looks pretty even but some more eyes won't hurt.
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This is the hinge on the passenger side. It doesn't look like there are any bends in the unibody.
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