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2010 TDi with the RNS-510. Started when the cold snap hit the east coast about a week ago. Started the Treg to let it warm up, shortly after I heard a faint click through the speakers and all audio was gone, the head unit still functions and responds to touchscreen inputs but zero audio. I didn't have time to start looking around at the time it happened so figured I would check some things later that day when it wasn't in single digit temps. Went out for a drive later and everything was fine, BUT, it has happened several times since then and I'm not sure where to start. Also on one occasion I heard the "click" and the audio went out and while driving heard the click again and the audio came back... 🤷‍♂️

I thought with the extreme cold maybe something froze and pulled a connection apart and once things warmed up the connection was restored?
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