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I’ve tried searching for a couple days now, but absolutely cannot find the thread where someone mentions cleaning the diesel soot/carbon buildup in their intake so wanted to ask

What prompted doing this? Drivability issues or regular maintenance? (I’m having some weird throttle behavior. I can have my foot to the floor and it’ll do nearly nothing for a solid 3 seconds, but at a different time I can have the pedal at about 25% and it’ll do either nothing, or act pretty normal, then just jump like it’s going WOT on its own)

How far have people gone with this? Just the throttle pipes and throttle bodies, or have people gone passed that and pulled the manifolds and cleaned them? Is cleaning the manifold even needed / was any buildup found in the manifolds?

What was used to clean?

My plan was to pull the throttle piping and throttle body, and clean any buildup away with a brush and simple green, or carb cleaner if that doesn’t cut it. At that point I’ll try to look inside of the manifold and see if there’s any visible buildup in there.

Here’s a quick photo I got just from popping off the intake charge piping:

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Search using V10 intake cleaning and you'll find plenty of info.

I'm in the middle of this project right now with my 2004 V10. My motivation is 240k miles, a glow plug harness that was failing, and a thermostat that failed and time to change the oil and fuel filters.

I dug maybe a half to 3/4" of soot out of the flappers and intakes so I'm expecting a vastly improved amount of power to be returned.
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