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As the title stated, I installed the VW AUX cable (000-051-444-N) in my 04 V8. Works perfectly. I have an Android phone and the headphone jack is right next to the USB (power) input. As a result, when I plug in both AUX and Power, I get a hiss. I got the AUX cable to replace my Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Finding a usable FM frequency at times could be very difficult. I can use the AUX by itself with no problem. The problem is playing a Podcast via AUX and not being able to charge my phone at the same time. My car did not come with integrated Bluetooth.

I am looking for a Bluetooth adapter that will plug into my AUX. Then I can stream via Bluetooth and input via AUX.

Does anyone have a reasonably priced solution? Preferably one that plugs into power. If not feasible, that is ok.

Thank you
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