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hello all!!

my name is Artur, I am 21 years old and I sell my 2006 Volkswagen Touareg with pain in my heart.

This is the R5 model, Diesel powered with 128 Kw/ 174hp and 4-wheel drive. The car has 268,191 km and is in great shape on the outside (some minor scratches from branches) and inside (slight ware on the driver's seat). The motor however, is in not so great shape, has some oil leaks, ware on the injectors and crankshaft... it will probably have to be replaced.
This car will probably have to be a part donor car or get an engine replacement.

Car with Spanish license plate!
It has a good set of wheels, with new rear winter tyres, nice unique rims + spare tyre.

I bought this car in January 2022 in Belgium, imported it to Spain and have had many adventures in it since then. Now I am in Norway, i was on a trip when I noticed a problem with the starter, I took it to a workshop and there they told me it was a high cost to fix it and I don't have the money for it.

I sell it in the hope that somebody can still make the best of this magnificent car.

price not fixed at 2500 euro, I accept offers.

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Don't sell it bud..... figure out a way to have it fixed. That a rare, indestructible setup when maintained.
A PD with a stick!

I am truly shocked that some of the local to that area users aren't all over you for this... that's a steal of a deal.

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Hi. Love the photos of your Touareg’s adventures.

I agree with SaVAGeSoot dont sell it. Yes, Touareg repairs are expensive, but perhaps you can do them one at a time. Priority would be getting it running. Then choose what to do next. It hurts the wallet less that way.
Absolutely get a 2nd opinion on repairs it needs from a real, experienced Touareg Specialist.
Get it scanned with a VCDS tool.
I sincerely hope you have good luck and are able to keep your Touareg. It is a beautiful vehicle and it sounds like you enjoy it so much.
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