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Hi all,

We are loving the Touareg but have found it has it's own personality. We are finding that the key will start the car no matter which side you slide it into the ignition. Then again, if you repeat, or turn off the engine, sometimes it won't turn clockwise to start. We have to take they out, rotate it, insert and start. I'm certain there is something missing.

On another note, calling Homelink tomorrow...can't read anymore 'problems' tonight. Experience TPMS, with low tire. Waiting to correct sensors with a checking of psi in the morning.

Did I mention that I love this thing? I gave a 323 a startle when I launched from a light coming back from the grocery store----> wife, 'well there goes the groceries'.....yep, wooot!!. Loads of fun. Does the trans flash improve mpg? We are averaging around 11 mpg in town. Seems a little low. I imagine once we are above 1000 miles we'll see an improvement. Working on 600 something as we speak... \:D/ \:D/
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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