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Icelink Plus

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Well, I couldn't stand waiting for someone else to install it, so I went ahead and ordered the Dension Icelink Plus for my iPod in my Nav II 'reg.

I believe this has been discussed before, but this unit will allow the head unit to control 5 playlists on the iPod, similar to the way it currently controls CDs in the changer or I can choose to browse the songs as normal through the iPod interface.

I spoke with a rep from Dension and he tells me they will have a free update coming some time in January, that will allow the ID3 information to be displayed on the head unit as well. He assured me the Nav II is capable of this, as their demo is working. Of course, I know how these things go. It'll probably be more like April before I see the update, but that's minor.

Now, with spockcat's A/V adapter for my kids rear-seat dvd player and this, I have a clean solution for both. I lose my CD changer, but that's not an issue if I have my iPod and, besides, my wife needs a changer in her new Passat!!! Now, for that video-in-motion thing... spockcat?

I should have it by next Wednesday. :dance: I'll let everyone know how it works.
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HOw much was the Icelink Plus? Can you control the ipod from your steering wheel?
jjunke said:
HOw much was the Icelink Plus? Can you control the ipod from your steering wheel?
$199. This is still to be confirmed.
Spockcat's right -- $199.

I'm told you can select 5 playlists for the iPod that will function exactly like the first 5 CDs on your CD changer functions, with the ability to scroll up and down through the songs with the steering wheel thumbwheel. The 6th CD button has another function on the iPod, which I can't recall at the moment. The iPod can also be controlled normally, through the iPod clickwheel.

Of course, that was the salesman talking... I may have a totally different opinion after I get it. I'll let you guys know either way.
This sounds interesting.

does the user friendliness of this mean the Ipod does NOT need to be mounted within reach/sight?
I'm expecting delivery of a 3.0 tdi in Jan.
please keep us posted


Damn! Icelink Plus Not Ready For T-REG

I placed and order two weeks ago for an Ice-Link plus for my '04 T-reg with stereo #1 upgrade and here's what I just received today in my email.

Dear Valued Customers,

After series of testing the new ice>Link plus with the VW Touaregs, our technical department confirmed the incompatibility of the ice>Link and the Touareg radio. The other solution they were working on to make the ice>Link work in the car also failed.

You are currently being issued a full refund for the ice>Link plus kit.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

We offer the 1.2 ice>Link, the previous generation at a discounted, $179.00 price, that would mean a separate order placed on the phone, as these orders are currently being refunded.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

Best Regards,

Timea M. | Dension USA, Inc
Phone 562.595.5153 x 116
Fax 562.684.4010
"Let the Music be with You!"
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IceLink Plus

I just spoke with someone at Dension. He told me that it does work on the Touareg and they are currently out of stock. It should be available January 1, 2005. He mentioned that one of the employees (or owners, I can't recall) actually has a Touareg. They even have a photo in their "Showcase" (

Wahoo, my first post after reading these boards for 3 months.
I talked to him today also and they said that they should be sending them out sometime around the first of january.I went ahead and ordered one.Seems like a pretty good system as they also said they are always still working to make the system better.There have been several people that have gotten this setup and have liked it very much.I just like the fact that i can use my steering wheel function.I figured since i paid for the feature i might as well use it.
Ice Link

Ok, odd that Denison would send me that email but I hope you're right. They actually refunded my money so I won't believe it until I see it. Thanks for the update, I'll post what I find out!
I see the Touareg photo in the Dennison gallery but I cannot see the text on the screen. Looks like the same CD changer track info as usual. In fact, I don't see text in any of the photos. Anyone else see text on the screens?

They had told me it will only show text on vehicle that have this but ours do not.If i remember,He had mentioned something about a new version coming out.I am thinking he said something about the new nav DVD possibly having text.(Dont quote me on this though.I just cant remember.It could have been something else he talked about.)
The current version does not display ID3 tags -- it only displays CD#, Track#, but there is supposed to be a version in the works that does. I was told the Nav radio would be able to display song text and that they had a demo version working. They also told me existing customers would be "upgraded" to that capability, once it was ready (he thought late Jan/early Feb).

I actually got mine a week ago Friday, but it had an intermittent issue. When it was working, it was pretty nice -- sounded great too (no noise, good audio level). Sent it back last week and was told they'd fix it or replace it. I spoke to a tech there last Thursday and he didn't mention anything to me about it being incompatible. Maybe it's an issue with the upgraded stereo #1?

I hope they aren't yanking my chain about the ID3 capability...

Anyway, I'll post my findings after I get the repaired/replaced unit back.
Any new developments on the IceLink?
Icelink plus

I got mine in just a few days ago and installed it.They said that it will do text if your radio does it but mine is standard stereo so it does not.The nav can not do this either.I think the new DVD nav will show text on the screen.This is the coolest thing i got for the Touareg cause i can control everything from the steering wheel.I would recomend this to anyone that is willing to pay the price.I plan on getting another Touareg in the future so this is money well spent.
can you guys post some pictures of the installation? where do you mount it and is it simple to install?

second, does anybody make an adapter so we can switch between CD CHanger and iPod? I would like to have both.

more picture please.
wahoo99 said:
Any new developments on the IceLink?
Well... I still don't have my unit that I sent back 4 weeks ago for repair. Hopefully, I'll have it this week. I really could have used it on my road trip last week. Fortunately, spockcat's A/V adapter saved me from going iPodless.

When I get it, I'll post some info and pics.
icelink plus

I just installed the icelink plus in my Touareg. Al & Ed's autosound had one in stock. The entire package installed cost me $350. It sounds phenomenal. I wish I could see the track text on my stereo. I turned on the option so I can use the forward/back buttons on steering wheel/radio as well as use the click wheel on the iPod itself.
Help! CANNOT get Dension ICE>link working, Touareg Nav Ra

Ive been through hell and back over the last 6 weeks trying to get this working.

I have a V8 Touareg with Nav Radio. My first installation of the Dension ICE>Link resulted in my mini-iPod cradle being recognized only about 1 time in 10 .. with 'no audio CD' displayed. My VW dealer took the car in again but even after all the connections and the earth was checked the unit still only works about 1 time in 10.

Dension sent me a replacement ICE>link system over Christmas and I just had that installed with the same result. So I've spent $300 + $250 on labor.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can it by the fault of my dealer? Dension are actually not returning my emails for the last 2 weeks - very unprofessional and very poor customer service.

I did listen to the PhatBox and it sounds aweful - very tinny. I'd rather have an interface for my iPod but the Dension doesn't seem to work. My local car audio dealer offered to link my iPod directly to my Aux input in the Nav radio, but then I lose the steering wheel controls, I don't know if it will charge it and if it will sound as good as it did before (on the rare occasion it worked).

I'm hoping someone has heard of this issue with the Dension ICE>link and can help .. I'm at the end of my tether ;-)

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Could you take the stereo out and take some pics of what they did.It is pretty much straight foward plug and play.Very simple to do but if you had someone else install it they may have done something different by chance without realizing it.but i could not see how they could have.
I noticed you keep saying Icelink and not icelink plus.Did they send you an older version of it or the new icelink plus.
When i ordered mine i called them and ordered on the phone.I got through a lot faster than e-mailing.I e-mailed them a day before i ordered the item.after a good couple of weeks i got the package from fed ex.A day later i finally got and e-mail regarding my question.
I hope this helps somewhat.
This is exactly the problem I had with mine when I installed it in December. After extensive troubleshooting, I sent it back to Dension on Dec. 14th. I still have yet to receive one back. I did, however, speak to a Dension tech support person yesterday, who told me there was an I/O issue with the Touareg Nav radio that was causing the problem. He said they have resolved the problem with a new revision, which they will be sending me in the next day or so. I had also talked with them in late December, where they acknowledged there was some compatibility issue with the Nav radio. Of course, at that time, they said they'd be sending me a new one in the first week of January. I guess we'll see if I get it and how it works. If it doesn't work or they keep stringing me along, I'm getting my money back.

Anyway, if this is true, I'm guessing the folks who haven't had issues have the standard radio. Can you guys confirm which radio you have?
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