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I'm just putting this out there just to kind of gauge interest and see if anyone wants to make a trade.

I am finally going to be a part of the club! After a couple years of waiting for the right Tregg to come along, I finally snagged one from half way around the country and I'm having it shipped (08 V8 w/air and 4-zone climate package gray/teak) to me in a couple days. :cool:

I know a lot of guys on the forum run 17's for off-roading and stuff but I would really like the extra versatility of the 18's and would like to make a trade. The tires on them are Dunlop 225/55/17 but I'm not sure what specific model because I'm not in front of them, I'm just going off of the pics the dealer sent me (I know, I know, I'm trying to make a deal and I don't even have the wheels yet. I just wanted to feel out interest before my new baby lands at my doorstep, so I can get it a proper pair of shoes :)).

This Tregg is from Colorado, so that would explain the narrow wheels for better snow traction. I live in Atlanta, Ga. and would prefer to deal locally but would entertain the idea of shipping them. It's a set of 4 tires/wheels, good condition, minor curb rash the dealer tells me, the tread is 3/32 (not sure what that means exactly, I'm assuming that means it's only got 3mm of wear out of 32??)

Anyways, let me know what you think. Also, if you don't want to trade but just want to sell me your reasonably priced 18's, I'd be up for that too. I'm not looking for anything fancy, thanks.


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