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I own a Volkswagen Touareg 2007 V6 3.6L & when I turn on my car it won't get out of park.

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When I turn on my car it won't let me shift from "P" to "D" it won't move at all & then a bunch of crap on my dashboard comes on like almost every sensor thing. One post says I need to access the battery but I never have been able to figure out how to access my battery. I can get the front part but I can never get full access to my entire battery.
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Hi conquerors101
First: run a VCDS Scan. If you dont have a VCDS then perhaps you can borrow one or buy a Ross Tech one.
Second: specifically what have you done recently to your Touareg?

Touaregs ARE NOT like other vehicles as you will notice when reading forum postings. Seems you are thinking you can do Touareg repairs without any Touareg specific experience.
Learn to use the Advanced Search option to fine tune your searches - it helps you formulate more specific questions.

AND in your profile settings you should do the custom signature so it will show your Touareg year, engine type, etc on all your posts. being able to quickly see your Touareg basics in your posts makes suggestions for your issues much easier.
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