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Well, decided to install my mud flaps and guess what, no tire iron or a jack!?!?! I understand that we hybrid owners do not have a spare but what if I need to take the wheel off? To make things even more fun my hydraulic jack went all the way up and the wheel was still touching the ground. I ran to an auto store and got myself a tire iron, will try to revisit mud flaps tomorrow :/
Really no need to take the wheel off if you don't have a spare to put on. My guess is the can of fix a flat is supposed to get you to a garage or tire shop with the proper tools to take the wheel off. Brake jobs on those won't exactly be a DIY type deal given the nature of the brakes helping to recharge the battery. Something else to think about, did the give you the wheel lock tool or does the Hybrids not have wheel locks on them from the factory?
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