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I have 2006 V10 with 4 zone climate control. Its having an issue with my air conditioning. Ive confirmed that the system is fully charged and the compressor is getting power (can turn compressor off and on using "econ" button). The only code that comes up is one for a "defective" control module but everything else about the HVAC system seems to function normally. I can clear the code but it just comes back afew seconds later. Ive included afew attachments showing the code which appears in the Hvac specific section and how it came up in the full scan. There is also a load management code that seem to appear when the vehicle is started but I can clear that one. Anyways my question is which module (front or rear) is defective and how that might prevent my a/c from working. I dont want to start changing out the compressor or compressor clutch if it something electrical. Any guidance on this would be very appreciated. Thanks


1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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