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The recommended pressure can be found on a sticker on the inside edge of the drivers door. The sticker may list several tire sizes - use the settings for the tires on your Touareg. The sticker may also list both lightly loaded, and fully loaded pressures - choose the one most appropriate for your typical load.

Use an accurate pressure guage (ideally digital) and inflate the tires to the recommended pressures. It is extremely important to set both tires on the same axle to the exact same pressure. Do this step with the tires cold - ideally after the car has been parked overnight.

Once the pressure is set, put the TPM into learn mode and drive for at least 15 minutes - on a highway if at all possible. The system will learn both the cold pressure, and the pressure when the tires are warm, and save these settings.

Once learned, the system will monitor the average pressure of both tires on the same axle. If this value falls a couple of pounds lower (or higher) than what it should be, the system will then determine which tire on the axle is suspect, and give a warning for that tire.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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