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How to adjust TPMS?

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I was trying to figure out the TPMS system. My display says 34 for the front tires and 37 for the back. My tire pressure is 35 on all fours (just came from the dealer that way) I have the Continental 18's. Is this the recommended pressure? If not, what is? I would think that it would have given me a warning for the back since the pressure is lower than 37. Do I have to set it? If so, how do I/ or can I change the tire pressure setting. I hit the save button and it told me it was relearning, but now I get the ! with the circle / through it. The manual doesn't give very good instructions.

Love the car though, my husband has a Passat 4motion and he is envious!

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The recommended pressure can be found on a sticker on the inside edge of the drivers door. The sticker may list several tire sizes - use the settings for the tires on your Touareg. The sticker may also list both lightly loaded, and fully loaded pressures - choose the one most appropriate for your typical load.

Use an accurate pressure guage (ideally digital) and inflate the tires to the recommended pressures. It is extremely important to set both tires on the same axle to the exact same pressure. Do this step with the tires cold - ideally after the car has been parked overnight.

Once the pressure is set, put the TPM into learn mode and drive for at least 15 minutes - on a highway if at all possible. The system will learn both the cold pressure, and the pressure when the tires are warm, and save these settings.

Once learned, the system will monitor the average pressure of both tires on the same axle. If this value falls a couple of pounds lower (or higher) than what it should be, the system will then determine which tire on the axle is suspect, and give a warning for that tire.
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Good info. I have found that mine is a slow learner however, it takes a couple of days to "learn" the new pressures. It works but I have to be patient.
It should only take 15 minutes or less. Something is not right . . .
Thanks!! I had no problems with the relearning. It makes me feel alot better having this option. I wish we had it on our Passat since we ruined a brand new tire because the low profiles get damaged so easily. We have construction going on near our house and picked up a nail. Hopefully, this will save the tires on the treg.
I just had winter tires mounted today. I verified the pressure of the tires to be 39 in front and 44 in rear with a digital gauge. I set the TPMS to learn and went for a drive. The system finished the learn cycle without any problems. However, when I select monitor tire pressure, it states 37 in front and 43 in rear. I've done this twice now. Each time I've verified the cold tire pressure before having TPMS learn.

Is it common that the monitored pressure is lower than the actual pressure? If not, how do I adjust it?
I think that means it will warn you if the tires reach that lower pressure because it has to adjust for hot/cold tires.
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