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I just wanted to share my story of fixing my EPB that the workshop who did the mechanical job did not.
This procedure is not how it is described in the documentation in erwin either.

Only interested in how I did it? Scroll down.

I ordered new discs and pads for a swap all around the car and planned on mounting this at next service. I bought Zimmerman discs and EBC Redstuff pads. On day of service I had still not received my pads due to Brexit and I told the shop to get shoes for the parking brake as I was changing the discs any way. The shop is pretty far from home and I know the owners well so I hung around at the workshop while they did the job. When it came to adaptation of the EBP the car was on the lift and would not accept the adaptation. The clock got ticking and after a few hours of trying various air-gaps and methods we threw in the towel as the car was driveable but only parking brake not working.
They consulted another technician and we scheduled a new appointment.
Fast forward to next appointment and they had the car for several hours (i was not present that time) but could not get it working and they apologized and had to return the car to me with the fault still present, they could not fix it.

I was panicking, how much will this trouble cost me? There must be a solution. I got in contact with a workshop manager for a VAG-certified workshop after a few days. He asked me three things:
Do you have air-suspension? Yes.
Was the car on the lift when they tried adaptation? Yes.
Have your car ever triggered fault "Running gear" on your suspension? Yes, twice, once blew a fuse.
Ok, I have good news and bad news for you:
Firstly, it's possible to fix your EPB, we did it on a treg last week, same faults. Secondly, you have moist in your air suspension which is bad, not terrible, but bad in the long run. Since I know you, I can do you a favor and apply our fix for free, but you need to come here and we will use our Autel Elite to force the car.

He then told me about the issue and why it happens, but he has no logical explanation to why, it's just that car has really stupid electronics. Apparently the car has to be on the wheels on flat ground and the air-suspension has to be in the correct position. If it deviates 10% from it's normal level the car won't accept the adaptation.
Before I took the car over to him I tracked down a genuine VCDS-cable and borrowed it to give it a try myself. I managed to get the grind in complete in the computer, but the shoes was not mechanically correct aligned according to VCDS. I tried all the adjustments but right side of car was screwed in the bottom on the adjustment, so I could not get them closer. This was solved by driving on the highway and pulling the EPB a few times and go back home and check, lo and behold, both within 0,1mm difference and within spec of 1,9-2,4mm.

Onward to the how to:

My car is a 2010, among the first made of 7p version.
I used Release 21.3.0 of VCDS and previous generation HEX-cable.

You have to make sure that your shoes are adjusted according to this wiki: VW Touareg (7P) Parking Brake - Ross-Tech Wiki

1. Cycle your air suspension (if you have it) to off-road and back to on-road. Dampers set to normal. Parked on a flat surface. Engine running!
2. Go in to module 53, enter security access code 21673.
3. Go into long coding, change to ceramic brakes, 02040000
4. Fasten seatbelt in drivers seat and make sure grinding in process is sufficient and completed, if not follow the guide from Uwe (see this thread from ross-tech: 7P T'Reg EPB) and complete grinding in process.
5. Click on output test
6. Chose air gap calibration, monitor values at the same time if you want. (this will not run if you EPB motors has been cycled alot, they will be to hot, if that is the case, wait until the cool down)
7. Wait until the test says finished.
8. WAIT 30 SECONDS before you hit stop.
9. Go back, exit out of module 53 and close down VCDS.
10. Turn of the car and unplug the cable.
11. Wait at least 30 seconds.
12. Turn on the car.
13. Profit.

The car now has zero alarms, working EPB, Hill hold, everything.
Since I have installed ceramic pads I can let the car have the ceramic coding without any issues. But now it is possible to code back to steel brakes, long coding 01040000 in module 53.

So the thing that helped was fooling the car to have ceramic brakes and have the car at level on normal suspension height.

I am now so happy as this has caused me a lot of stress the last two weeks. If anyone is in the same spot, try this.

And no, I do not need to pay extra for the additional hours they have put in to try and fix this on the first workshop..

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Hey Esset_89

I just wanted to say Thanks for writing this up. It will help a lot of owners.

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Hey Esset_89

I just wanted to say Thanks for writing this up. It will help a lot of owners.
Thanks, no problems.

An update also:
I have coded the car back to normal brakes with no issues.

I don't know if it's just a placebo effect but it feels like the car has a more immediate stopping effect with normal coding. This might have something to do with the abs-module not letting on all the stopping power the first milliseconds as the ceramics needs to heat up first. But this is totally unconfirmed by me.

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Thanks for the post Esset_89 this really helped me.

Yesterday I swapped out front and rear pads on my 2015 MY2016 3.0L 180kw Treg. All went swimmingly until I discovered I'd ordered the incorrect pads... after a mad scramble to the local auto parts store and a very steep rip-off I was in business.

I also adjusted the park brake, what I failed to do was read this post from Ross tech

I adjusted the park brake using the rotor port. I adjusted the park brakes on both sides until they were locked hard and then did 6 notches back as per a YouTube video I'd watched... here is where it all went wrong. What I didn't realise at the time was each notch on the adjustment is 0.15mm increments. Thus I'd only adjusted them to somewhere in the ball park of 0.9mm... I did a test drive and then applied the park brake. Then the faults came along with some creaking and complaints from the EPB aswell as loud volkswagen fault beeps lol.

So this morning I said to myself after reading up and thinking oh damn I've done my poor Treg a mischieve, I took the wheels off and repeated what I'd done the day before. Only this time I closely read the Ross Tech forums and ascertained that I would need to adjust the EPBs out from hard stop approximately 13 - 16 notches. So I tried for 14, given the port is small and can be hard to see how many notches you've actually turned the adjuster.

To my surprise it has worked. I hope this helps others in the future.

NOTES: I did clear the fault code from the EPB module 0053 before I started with my Veepeak and car scanner phone app.
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