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Saturday night I took my wife's 2008 Touareg to work because she had just came home from errands and her vehcle was already warm. After an overnight shift I tried starting it and it would only half start and shook violently before quitting. I tried a few more times and same thing. It was cold this night here in northern Minnesota and got -13 degrees Farenheit. However, it has been outside in much colder temps and never had an issue. Long story short I had to get it towed and only to find out the exhaust was completely frozen up under the vehicle. According to my service department our era of Touareg does not have drain holes in the exhaust like the new generation Touareg and as a result it was just another one of the many problems we have had with this vehicle. The dealer ended up drilling some holes for us and even seemed in disbelief about the situation. And by the way it was not packed with snow underneath and I can assure you this vehicle is babied. This is the only vehicle I have ever had do this and I'm just annoyed at what has gone wrong on this thing considering the "premium" label. I told my wife the next issue and it is gone for an American SUV and we are done with VW.
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What a preposterous solution to a would be problem.

Btw, is this Touareg driven more than 2 consecutive km's at a time or not?

Truth be said, I seem to recall 3 years ago, having read the same problem, something about a frozen muffler lol.

After some simple interrogation questions, he admitted he didn't drive it much.

Hmmmm, never heard from the ol'chap ever again now that I think about it.

I have seen many cars ranging from Camry's to Maxima's, being driven by senior citizens, and tail pipe at stop light spitting out water like you would not believe, upon slow acceleration from fresh green traffic signal.

Also drilling holes in the exhaust, one would think this would FAIL safety standards for carbon monoxide poisoning, no?

1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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