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Hello everyone!

We have some new updates and additions coming up in 2013. Additionally we start expanding our total stock all throughout 2013.

So what have you got to look forward to in 2013?
- We’re updating the TAX system. If you’re a customer from the EU (with the exemption of Dutch customers) and you can provide us with a valid TAX number you can shop with us TAX-free. Additionally, if you are shopping from outside of the EU you will be able to shop with us TAX-free.
- We’re also updating the postage system. We’ve decided to split the shipping options into three options.
o Postal network: the cheapest variant. Shipping generally takes longer and a track & trace number is not always available.
o Standard shipping: the standard shipping method. Standard transit times and a track & trace code is usually available within 24 hours.
o Express Service: an express shipping service. Lowest possible transit time, track & trace code available within 12-24h. Recommended for orders outside of the EU.
- New types of products. We will be adding new types of products such as airbags and safety belts. We’ll also be adding official goodies. Products like S-Line t-shirts, remote control R8 cars, model cars, etc.
- Filters! Finally, by popular demand, we’ll be adding filters to make finding your products even easier. At first we’ll add a filter by category. Meaning that you will be able to filter only body parts, or only engine parts. We will do this based on part number. When we’ve successfully implemented this system we will look towards expanding the filter options.
- More payment options! We will expand our ever increasing payments options. Next on our list are several credit cards and Sofort Überweisung. If we’ve not yet implemented your preferred payment method, please let us know!
- A mailing system. Register on our website and you will automatically be updated of new stock. Additionally, if you need a specific part, you can share the part number with us and if the part because available you will receive an automatic email. Don’t worry; we won’t overload your inbox with spam and other non-sense!
- And so much more… We have a ton of great new features in 2013. However, we are still looking to overcome some technical difficulties before we are ready to present these features. The moment we know when we’ll implement upgrade, you will be notified!

Want to see a feature that isn’t mentioned above? Want to see other types of products like ABT tuning parts or more accessories? Do you have a tip for us? Or a point of critique? Please let us know be reply to this thread or sending us an email at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!
With kind regards,
The Team
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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