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2009 T2 3.6L V6 FSI
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Pops, this is the thing with buying a used car. No matter how great condition it's in, there will always be something to creep up on you. When I bought my 09 T2 with a V6, it looked great and the interior looked like anyone hardly sat in it, even the driver's seat. So as soon as I got it I took it to my mechanic friend who is an expert in European cars. He went through it top to bottom and gave me the list: A/C compressor, some vacuum part in the engine, practically all suspension bushings and ball-joints and rear control arms, driveshaft center bearing, differential mount bushing, and a new set of tires. I may have forgotten something, but you get the idea. All that and he tells me that the car is in great shape and that all of this is just normal maintenance. Cost me almost the equivalent of US$ 2000. And I haven't taken a look at the spark plugs or coils yet. But apart from that whine or more like kind of a whistling sound when starting cold in the morning, the engine runs pretty strong and smooth.

Next on my list is to replace the "new" engine mounts which the previous owner installed. Apparently he went the cheap route and had solid mounts installed instead of hydraulic. I didn't even know you could get solid mounts for these cars.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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