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High pressure fuel pump

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High pressure fuel pump

Has anyone replaced hpfp on a 08 treg vr6 ? What mileage ?How much was it ? Also how many pumps does the treg have ? I thought it was only 2 in bck .
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Hey, Mates

My Treg 2008 V8 4.2 has triggeredthe EPC light on dashboard.
After researches and tests I replaced the 2 filters (and flange, with module) at the dealer. Still not working, though.
Now I'll replace the 2 fuel pumps, and the safety valve (part number 06D 130 757 C).
The big issue is that, even though The diagram (on Etka) shows only 1 valve (see attached / #26), while there are 1 installed on each distributor tube, total of 2 valves. And ww do not know if they are the same part number.

Any help, please?


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I will replace the HPFP for Hitachi, definitelly. Regarding the #26 valve, do you know if there are 2 with the same part number? On diagram there is only 1 but on the distribution tubes there are 2...
That is right, Franco. Guess I'll let the guys know that. By the way, are those #26 sensors (actually safety valves) exactly The same part number?
This is the part that shows up like a safety valve, very similar to the #26 part. I wonder if it is also replaceable.
Replace HPFP then go after no.26, I have not seen people replace safety valve, or fuel pressure sensor #20.

check link below for part number choose your country and engine, those sensors not expensive just labour to get to them.

View attachment 247471
Yes, I've decide to do so. Tomorrow I'll order both HPFP.
I'll let you know the result.

The message after scanning is in Portuguese language. Basically it just says low pressure.
I've purchased the 2 new pumps, ans will update here.
1 - 8 of 36 Posts
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