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I'm a newly registered member who has been using this forum since the purchase of my 2004 Touareg V8 a couple of months back. I figured it was time to give back!

My drivers side high beam hasn't worked since my purchase. I have the D1S bulbs and could hear the shutter try but not move to the high beam position. After completing many other needed repairs that the truck needed i finally removed the headlights today after the passenger bulb blew.

Turns out that the last shop to replace a bulb left all the broken glass inside the housing and it was mechanically jamming the shutter from moving on its shaft! A little shaking and careful digging removed all of the pieces and freed up the shutter.

Moral of the story, after much reading in my spare time before removing the lights today is that sometimes you just have to tear into things and figure them out! I hope this simple post saves someone time in the future.
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