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Hi all.

Proud Touareg owner in Melbourne, Australia. 2003 V6. Standard stereo fitted, with most buttons now peeling and in poor state! Keen to understand which sat nav systems are compatible with the 2003 model.

My research to date on this forum and eBay has found:
- RNS510?
- RNS2?
- A need to update CANBUS/connectors/wiring/etc?

Local VW dealers quote over $3,000 for the RNS510, but have not yet confirmed whether it is compatible with the 2003 model. I don't really need the rear TV functionality, however the dash integration, bluetooth, MP3 connectivity would be great.

My apologies if this has already been answered, but I have not yet found an existing post which answers this clearly.

Appreciate your help!



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RNS2 will fit-plug n play.
RNS510 can be fitted but u'll lose some functionality of steering wheel buttons n MFI. plus u'll need a canbus upgrade adapter- non vw to make it compatible to 2003.
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