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Hi everyone, I have been following the forum since I bought my Touareg 3 years ago, but I had never posted anything, if anyone could help me, I would be very grateful
I was experiencing some problems with the airbag light from the passenger seat, after spending some money and solving the problem only temporarily, I decided to repair the problem myself.
I bought a new seat in a junkyard, the seat is really like new, and I traded for what I had in the car.
In my innocence I thought that it would only be to unplug the plugs, to unscrew and replace one for the other, but apparently it is not just that.
After that, it appears that the bank is not recognized, although everything is plugged in correctly, the panel light is still on, the heating does not work, and it does not recognize when someone is seated.
I still own the old seat that heats up, recognizes when someone is sitting, but there are other cabling problems.
at least recognized before it was removed.

The message

02511 Control Module for Seat Occupied Recognition (J706) no or Wrong adaptation.


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