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Hey all I have a 07 3.6 v6 Touareg and I love my Touareg but I’m at whits end trying to fix this issue and hoping someone might have a fix for me!

I’ve owned my Touareg for a year now failed emissions due to the engine light being on!

My issues are

P00341 - I replaced the sensor g40 yet the code came back right after we cleared the codes!
( no problem driving at all no noises nothing, timing is spot on too )

P2293 - replaced the fuel pressure sensor yet the code remains

P12A4 - this one comes and goes randomly

P0017 - as of today this code also came up! ( I’m thinking maybe just replace this sensor too)

Also the fuel pressure is randomly high or to low sometimes!

The Touareg drives fine, no issues at all just this demon engine light that won’t go away!
I’ve driven it for over 15 thousand miles on the highway and cross state traveling, and not issue ever!

Also at first start up in the morning, hot or cold days the Engine idles rough and misfires but after a few minutes idling the misfires go away and the engine calms down!

If it could be electrical any idea what to look for ?
All help is appreciated! Thank you!!
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