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Jindandy you have now said the magic word on where you purchased the vehicle from.
I purchased a Touareg from that very same dealer in '07 was appalled by their customer service both in sales and service. I could go on but this is not the post to.

My advise is to keep at them, record all your conversations by sending the after sales manager (with BCC the general manager) an email detailing your concerns and their response. If they are unwilling to fix the steering wheel adjustment then seek an alternate service centre and seek costs from them. You need to be very clear to them that there is a problem. Give them a timeline to conform to and if this is not resolved then inform them what you will do.
You could also try the repair shop on the corner from their service (the NW end of Spencer St). Have them inspect the vehicle, document the problem and then demand the invoice and repairs settled from your place of purchase.

I would approach Fair trading NSW first as if the vehicle is under 160,000kms/10 years old they cover the used vehicle warranty policy.
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