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Hi All.

I came back from dealer for my issues on pre-owned 2007 Touareg due to the coolant loss and steering wheel column issue.

First of all, for the coolant loss, VW did pressure test on coolant system but no pressure loss was identified. The concentration of coolant was a bit low so VW put a bit more of coolant to match the spec. Maybe the coolant was evaporating due to the low concentration so no problem on this.

Secondly, for the steering wheel column, They stated "Tested all functions 4 motions of movement working correctly".
OK. The reason why I brought my toareg in to service again was the height adjustment of steering wheel column was not fully raised not malfunctioning of movement.

I measured the movement of height and the result was only 3mm (!!) of moving up & down.

VW advised me that they contacted head office and got reply back that it is normal and all OK. DUH!

This issue brings me below:
1. Speedo cannot be seen properly,
2. Indicators cannot be seen properly,
3. MFD (including gear position) cannot be seen properly.

Now, VW advised me any more thing on my issue, I am writing formal complain email to VW Australia after giving them enough time (a week) to figure out but no proper outcome has made.

They advised me they have contacted head office but I have not been told how the issue was described.

I am so disappointed how VW dealer acted on my issue as they just tried to avoid their responsibility.

I believe that there should be some kind of RTA Spec that says the running speed must clearly be seen during driving but I have no idea where to start such as what standards to look at etc.

Can any one please give me any advice on how to submit the complain the VW Australia?
I am writing an email to VW Australia Email address but I need to gather all information such as safety info in speed checking during driving etc.

Thanks for your input!!


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Regardless of seat position.
I tried both the lowest and highest of seat but they are the same.

The only way I can see the cluster properly is lying down like I am in my recliner chair. :S
Anyways, 3mm movement of steering wheel column is very unacceptable to me as I never had any issue like this with my previous cars from Lexus, Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

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Thanks Steve.

Is your Treg T2 (2008 V6) as mine?
I can see that info from your profile if I am seeing the right thing.
Also please let me know if yours is electrical or manual.

VW gave a BS that the height adjustment range between electrical and manual is different.

I am only 172cm tall and having this issue due to the too low position of steering wheel.
If it moved 3mm from the highest position of the wheel, I wouldn't really care but I am having trouble seeing the speedo during driving and that is my main concern.

I am just shocked about the 3mm of movement and VW says that is as design.

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I have a 2010 and the steering wheel moves about 30mm at the point you measured. Yours looks like it is at the low point, when fully up the gap to the dash is only about 5mm.

If I were you I would keep an eye on the coolant level, particularly as the pressure test did not identify a leak. There is a known issue with the exhaust gas coolant module which can accumulate moisture and cause a catastrophic hydro-lock. Suggest that you do a search & read up on hydro lock & coolant loss
Thanks Ewie.
I will keep an eye on the coolant. I will do the searching once I figure this issue out.

Here are some pictures for reference. Sorry no measurements, but the difference is pretty obvious. For reference up 100% has just enough room for a few sheets of paper and down all the way has about what you have. I threw the cover for the 12v socket into one picture for reference. Hope this helps.

In taking these pictures, I accidentally dropped my phone which went straight between the wheel and instrument cluster...very deep place to loose something...appears to have a fold at the back most area...hope something is lodged back there as I could see this as a culprit.
Thanks Spiegelglatt. I knew I had an issue with my Treg but VW denies their responsibility. VW service had a look, maybe just touching the button and scanning with VAGCOM and no error was found.
I will look into the place again if something is stuck in there in the morning.

the most important question right now is how long have you had it and i hope you are going to say less than three months (to take advantage of the lemon laws) ... this just makes the next bit a lot easier.

Lemon law only lasts 3 months so you can push based a bit on the below but you need to find real parameters on the movement of the wheel independently and verified by VW Aust or VW Globally to support your position. It would also be good to record in writing what VW dealers are saying so you can stick it to them legally with the other info you extract in the process and point out to relevant bodies that they are not in compliance with the law and detrimental to the safety of the public. Dont forget they are trying to fog you over or push you off because they know 3 months inst long and that dealers sell second hand cars without a care in the world.

Moral .... don’t but from a dealer second hand they are usually trash better to buy a well maintained private unit which went through all the checks.

I agree there should be a massive 3-5 cms of movement and I am 168cm tall and I can see your wheel is in a dangerous position for a couple of reasons.

Next point: Australian Consumer Law. "Not fit for purpose" !
Now you have two very important weapons (although it depends how much time and effort you have up your sleeve) to complete the concerns at hand.

1- the info you extracted above as mentioned
2- Australian Consumer Law. "Not fit for purpose" protection law.

Based on (1) you can continue with (2) but a bit of hassle going through a tribunal which you would need to do to point out the concerns. You have 3 years from purchase to do this.
My advice ring ACCC (first thing in the morning so you are not waiting in a phone queue) and see which way they can guide you further.

Best of luck and stay strong.

Key here is to push the worrying inadequate position of the wheel, that it is not safe .... for viewing, and therefore negotiation of the vehicle and that it could be a danger to both you and the people around you.
Thanks Odessa.
I am trying to gather some more information before I put this in to the real trouble.
I am going to get some pictures of your Treg how they move up & down and print them out. I will take the pictures on the next Monday and give them one more chance to rectify.
Thanks for the ACCC info. .If this does not work, I will contact both VW Australia and ACCC so I hope I can get this thing right.

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Thanks for your input seafarer28.

Here is the full story of my issue.

I purchased a pre-owned 2007 Touareg V6 FSI on the Christmas Eve day last year (24/12/2015).
Right after the purchase, I found the steering wheel column was not moving as it is supposed to. The dealer told me that this vehicle was inspected and replaced all necessary parts (front brake pads and rotors etc) and it is 'Ready To Go' with 3 months warranty.
So I called the dealer back that I am having this issue and they booked me in for inspection & repair on 12/1/2016. I explained them that the steering wheel still moves but the height of steering wheel is very limited and it causes me having trouble to see the speedo.
Next day, I got a phone call that all done so I came in but no change on the steering wheel column. The reception called technician and the technician told me 'I have been working at VW for 16 years and that is how it is.' with arrogant attitude like I am complaining for nothing.

I did not want to argue with this terrific technician, who does not even know somethings wrong with the VW eventho someone, just stepped into VW within a month, can identify something is wrong, so I asked reception to show me other Touareg to see how they move.
It was obvious that other touareg had wider range of movement.
He said he will ask head office and let me know during the week. No picture or measurement was taken at this stage from VW Five Dock and I took the Touareg back home like they advised me.

I have no idea how they approached head office for my issue.

A week later, I called VW Five Dock back, and asked the process and other reception told me that they have an answer from head office and it is normal which happened in this morning.

Here are my complaints.

1. VW Five Dock officially refused to my claim to fix the steering wheel column under 3 month pre-owned car warranty. This causes me having major issue during driving such as visibility of speedo is seriously reduced and resulting in issue of complying the legal speed on the public road.

2. VW Five Dock lied to me that steering wheel column of all 2007 V6 Touareg is same as mine and with very arrogant attitude.

I will try to contact them again with pictures from this forum on next Monday for the last chance for them. If this does not work, I might have to contact ACCC and VW Australia.

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Hi All.

Thanks all for your comments.
I am making PDF file to document my issue with the pictures from Spiegelglatt.
I will send an email with my points and attachments to them again and see how they go.

Anyways, if you have T2 (same generation) as mine in Australia,

Could you PLEASE take pictures of the highest & lowest position of steering wheel?

So I can prevent them to say that every countries are different as I already have seen them giving me a BS.

Thanks in advance!
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