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I've decided to buy parts online for my 2004 Touareg 3.2L V6. I bought brake pads that say 350mm rotor, and rotors that say 350 mm as well, but after doing some searching around I came to the conclusion that I may have bought the wrong parts.
My questions are:
Do I need to make sure what type of caliper I have before I can buy the thickness of brake pads and rotors?
Can a 330mm caliper work with a 350mm rotor, and 350mm brake pad?
Can a 330mm caliper work with a 350mm brake pad but a 330mm rotor?
What are the proper steps to buying the right rotor and brake pads?

Thanks again, and I apologize if I'm offending the Touareg community. I'm new to this and going to a mechanic is costing me too much!

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hi and welcome,
only V10 touaregs have 350mm rotors and pads, all the V6 and V8 have 330mm rotors and pads.
350mm rotors and pads will not work with your V6 (simply calipers are not big enough)
you need to order 330mm rotors and pads.
kind regards,
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