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I'm about to buy an '05 V8 with air suspension in immaculate condition from an acquaintance for an attractive price because it needs some attention. It's just turned over 100,000 miles. The water pump and timing belt have been replaced just recently, so that's a positive thing. It needs front brakes immediately - the current owner is experiencing the loud secondary warning. I'm confident that I can fix the brake problem myself. But then there's an electrical/computer issue: The car sat for a few months with a completely dead battery. After replacing the battery, the computer is throwing some codes(I don't know which ones), and the battery loses it's charge quickly for no apparent reason. These issues did not exist before the car sat for a while with a dead battery. It's as though the computer didn't like being completely without power for an extended period. His independent mechanic has told him he believes all will be well if cars computer get re-flashed. My feeling is that it must be something simple. and maybe the computer re-flash is the answer. I searched a few times in the technical forums but I haven't come across anything similar yet. I'm hopeful I'll find the answer eventually. We look forward to travelling in the Touareg and occasionally pulling our 4,000 lb travel trailer.
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