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A VCDS scan will tell you what all the codes are. An OBD scan will get you close, but you really need VCDS if you're going to try to troubleshoot a Touareg.

If the independent shop doesn't use VCDS (they may know it by VAG-COM, the old name), they are just guessing as to the cause of the problem. Being without power should not require any module to be reprogrammed. When the mechanic refers to the car's computer, WHICH ONE is he or she talking about??? There are tons of modules and controllers in new(er) cars now.

I suspect that something happened to drain the battery and that is why it was left to sit. If you have to have a shop look at it, make sure you're getting the vehicle VERY CHEAPLY. The labor rate for chasing down electrical gremlins can add up quickly.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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