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Hi there, I have recently purchased a 2004 Touareg TDi. This is one of my bucket list cars and so far I've been thrilled with it. Picked it up for a song knowing I'd have some work to do. Thanks to this forum everything I've had to accomplish has been painless and this car is amazing to drive. PS, That Tandem pump is a fun thing to change. :) I'm an avid diesel enthusiast and these engines have always fascinated me. Their injection system remind me so much of the old N53 Detroit Diesels which I admit I have a secret love for. :) Simple and long lasting.

A bit about my beast: It's a 2004 model, has just shy of 200K miles on it even though it looks like it has about 30K. It's a fully loaded model to my pleasant surprise as the ad didn't state much about it's features. Heated steering wheel is divine btw. :) I love this little truck, and so far I've had to change the tandem pump and I'm picking up a new starter battery for it today as I discovered it's quite dead. I'm hoping it cures my Glow Plug faults when I fix it as a bonus.

I'll post some pictures here when the weather is a bit more cooperative.

It's a pleasure joining here and I hope I can eventually help bring some value add to the forums.
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