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My name is Will, I am from Phoenix, AZ USA and I am happy to be back with VW.

My lease just ended on my Lexus IS and I was in need of some new wheels. My goal was to find a low mileage FJ Cruiser ( I had one about 10 years ago and loved it, but i wanted a change and traded it in on a GTI), but they are few and far between at the price point I was looking at.

I do a lot of camping/fishing and I had been taking my wife's 2014 Cherokee, but it's not the most capable vehicle off road. I wasn't looking to do any rock crawling, just some dirt roads and trails to get back to some good camping spots. I wanted something w/ AWD, decent ground clearance, but also fun to drive and looks nice when I'm not on the trail....which lead me to the Touareg.

Which then lead me here - I'm, excited to learn and participate in the forum.....and just wanted to say hi!
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