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Hey I have a good one for you guys, I have a first Gen 4.2 and at first I thought the lights were very dim so I purchased new HID's and LED bulbs , after installing the bulbs are very dim in low beam and high beam but I noticed a flicker and have since figured out that it's not so much a flicker as it's a momentary flash of its full light power. That's my first stumper, the second is the passenger side has taken to flashing 4 times at start up then go out till I restart the vehicle. At that point it just flashes 4 more times and goes out again over and over again. I think i played that game for 20 min before letting the car win, wth! So my question in short is why don't my headlights run at full lumens(only for brief flashes or almost reverse flickers, and why does the one bulb flash 4 times and go out at start up??
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