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We got a tiny crack on our 2016 Driver's side headlight and found out it costs $1300 between the headlight assembly and labor-removing the bumper. Can this just be repaired with a couple bucks of super glue?
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My Ford 500 was no where near concourse condition...

My T1 had ****y foggy headlights when I bought it. I paid 850 for a brand new set and never thought twice about it.

I understand if you can't afford to fix it. If the fix is temporary ok, but if it's putting bandaids on it till over and over again, No
I have my 2004 Treg v6 with 306,000 km on it. I learned after a couple of years how to renovate the plastic junk headlights with autosol every year. It's easy to change the bulbs with the tool that comes in the tool kit. Anyone that pays the stealer $1300 bucks for a headlight deserves it IMHO.
You mean the tool you use to remove the headlight unit?
You must have one of the few surviving units.
There's a place for everything and everything has it's place. If you take your time and put everything back where you found it, it won't go amiss. By the way, I have bought Sylvania headlight conditioner kits before, but the treatment only lasts as long as if you used "autosol" chrome cleaner and a bit of elbow grease.
As long as you have a really long-shafted one, it'll do. Just as a heads up. I have been on this forum under a different name for a few years, but when I got a new computer, it never worked again, so I re-registered.
1 - 3 of 65 Posts