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We got a tiny crack on our 2016 Driver's side headlight and found out it costs $1300 between the headlight assembly and labor-removing the bumper. Can this just be repaired with a couple bucks of super glue?
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How about that clear stick on headlight protector stuff?
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This is why cars like the Touareg get a bad wrap. People buy them that can't actually afford them and they turn into giant pieces of ****.

No, you cannot half-ass stick a piece of tape over delicate several hundred dollar xenon bulbs.
I for one think that $1300 is too much to pay for such a simple repair.

Nobody is suggesting he stick a piece of tape on a xenon bulb, just the plastic lens that covers it.
There should be replacement lenses available.
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How about a windshield crack repair kit?
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If you have a tiny crack and it seems to be intact, possibly even watertight (at least for the current time), then I do not see why the rock protection film would not work. In the worst case, it would buy you time.

If the crack is an open wound that can pass water, then the tape would be more a band aid for the short term.
It might even save you doing the sandpaper thing down the track.
I shouldn't have used the term 'sealed unit', that was technically incorrect. What I mean is there should be a seal between the lightbulb and the elements.
As it is there is a shield between the bulb and the elements, not a seal.
Porsche forums are full of members posts on how to repair things!!
That's where I saw the Jimmi fix.
I woulda junked that car before I drove around with tape on my taillight.
You understand that you're an exception, an outlier?
Not everybody can or even wants to keep their daily driver in concourse condition.
I saw a T1 for sale recently for $4000. I don't think whoever buys that is going to spend $1300 on a headlight lens crack. He might even come on this forum looking for a less expensive way to fix it.
I had restored my headlights, but the reflectors in the lights gave off almost no light. I drive mostly at night so bad headlights isn't an option
When the reflector is gone, that's it.
I sanded and sealed my lenses but one has gone yellow again.
This time I'm going to topcoat the lenses with UV stabilized acrylic resin or polyurethane resin.
I'm also looking into making new lenses.
New headlights aren't as cheap here and then after that you still have the same sub standard design.
Perhaps you should have done!

A guy who specialises in polishing helicopter screens polished and restored my *****y foggy T1 headlights in a hour or so for the equivalent of 100 bucks!
How much beer is the equivalent of $100?
What really works is adding a 3m ppf to the headlight. You wrap in the pff and its not really that hard. I have an older A4 convertible that I used the 3ppf on the headlight and it's stayed super clear, just like new and I did that around 3 years ago.
I suppose the lenses has to be polished before you apply the pot.
I thought I could wet sand with 3000 then apply a resin clear coat then polish hat.
I miss my Saab and it's glass lenses.
as for playing with xénons, nothing hard about that, after I had my adaptive leds destroyed in an X3 I put them in my old BMW with xenons cool short weekend project and now I get adaptive leds in a 13 year old car. Replacement lenses are popular on the market.
I've got some Morimoto projectors that will end up in my housings one day.
I have to unglue the lenses to get the original projector out.
Follow this and order these products. It works every time I did it to my A4 convertible and My 07 Touarg
Loos good. I've ordered a restoration kit and some compound.
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I It's easy to change the bulbs with the tool that comes in the tool kit.
You mean the tool you use to remove the headlight unit?
You must have one of the few surviving units.
There's a place for everything and everything has it's place. If you take your time and put everything back where you found it, it won't go amiss.
Mine was broken when I got the car.
I've heard a lot of people say their headlight tool is either broken or missing.
I keep a hex driver in the car.
Missing tool maybe, but broken?

It's the hex nut on the actual headlight bucket that can break off.
My headlight tool was broken.
As long as you have a really long-shafted one, it'll do. Just as a heads up. I have been on this forum under a different name for a few years, but when I got a new computer, it never worked again, so I re-registered.
Seems to be long enough. I have a place for it and I keep it there.
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