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Having a tow bar fitted to a new model Touareg R line, does the bumper need a modification?

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I'm having a tow bar fitted to my 2020 Touareg R line Black series. It will be the Tow Bar Trust model with the removable neck. I've looked underneath the car and it looks like a hole will have to be cut in the bumper. I called the installer who told me 'it's not a problem as there's a blanking plate over the hole and it's an easy fit'. Well I've had a look and there is no blanking plate and I spoke to a VW tech who told me that there are clips which are one use and will break when the the trim around the wheel arch is removed and there not as easy to take off as the older 7P model.
So has anyone had a tow bar retro fitted to their car and was it necessary to have holes cut in the bumper?
Thanks in advance for any help
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You'll need to check with Tow Trust directly as each manufacturer's tow bar may vary.
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