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Well scratch one more annoying problem off the list of annoying problems this 2004 treg has. I performed the replacement of the rear hatch support lifts today. The weather wasnt bad and i had several hours of downtime so i decided to tackle this job. Thank god i'm diligent about finding inexpensive replacement parts or i'd be doubly pissed off. This wasnt a particularly difficult job but it was one that i'd call fiddley. Not an easy job for a guy with big hands and vertigo.
Its like most of the jobs with this car. Overly complicated. Its like the designers sat around at a design meeting and werent satisfied until they took every simple aspect of this car and purposely over complicated it just to make it german. No disrespect to my german friends of course. Now for the rest of the list...the valve body is next. that happens in two days. Maybe i'll be able to enjoy driving it without the rough shifting and sloppy transitions in the curves when i try to accelerate out of them, or the late downshifts when coming to a traffic signal. After that i tackle the kessey module and replace the mosfets stopping me from using the alarm system, killing the battery and utilizing true keyless entry. Then the headlight bulbs, thank god its not the $500 ballasts. And finally i'll get to the seat motor that doesnt allow me to raise and lower the bottom of the drivers seat. After all that i'll detail it and probably sell it before anything else goes wrong. Good thing i kept my 2002 ford taurus at the back of the driveway. She started up after 7 months without any problems, and if there is anything wrong it'll be cheap and easy to fix.
I love this forum if only to let loose a rant every now and then. Thanks guys.
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