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I am interested in doing some exhaust work on my V8. I've heard of some folks doing it, but I figured I'd start a fresh thread as I am new to ClubTouareg and I am looking for some detailed steps. In addition I am in Charlotte, NC, so any good shops in the NC area would be great!

I am primarily looking for better gas mileage. I am using a K&N filter (damn that was hard to install on the left side!!!) and I am using Shell V-Power gasoline so that's been giving me right around 15mpg city and low 20s highway. I'm looking for more and oh yeah, a few more horses can't hurt either :-D

So, has anyone does this? Do you have any steps or reccomendations? I'm pretty happy with the exhaust itself, just everything in between...

Oh yeah, will any of this void my warranty?? I'd rather not do that!!

I appreciate any help you folks have to offer.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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