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Handspring Treo 600 Phone/PDA

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Got my ex-demo V10 2 weeks ago and very impressed with everything about it. Has anyone got a Handspring Treo 600 that works through the system (I have the Radio Navigation 2). It would be nice to use the system to its' full potential.
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I'm in the process of installing the THB System 8 hands free car kit for my Treo 600, also in a V10, so the query is timely.

I have a Kuda phone mount for it, but the kit is fairly wide (and deep) so it looks like it will project a bit closer to the driver than I had thought. Not sure yet if that will be a problem.

The mute wite should be no problem as it looks compatible with the NAV2 radio we both have.

The kit comes with a separate microphone which I plan to use and will probably place in one of the blanks in the overhead console.

The biggest problem with this kit is that it doesn't have an external speaker line, which is a big disappointment. I really want to use the factory setup, to be able to control volume from the steering wheel. I'm currently thinking about opening up the speaker module with the idea of trying to get access to low-level outputs to drive the radio.

I got the kit from ebay, and it works only with the GSM 600s, so no go if you are using Sprint.

Depending on how lazy I am, I may post pictures if I think it turns out. I bury my failures, though...

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I just got the Treo 600 and the car kit. I haven't installed it yet, but have been trying it out with the plug in power. Biggest problem is that it is large. Also have a problem of not hearing the ring (if there is one) I may not have the software correct. Clarity of the kit's speaker is not bad and the mike gives good clarity to the caller. As for mounting location- Possibly just below the key. (I have keyless start). For now, I'm not going to integrate with the radio. Cutting the radio to mute would be only advantage. If Treo comes out with a different car kit (smaller and without speaker)then integration would be better. True integration would require steering wheel answer and volume.
It would be nice to know if there is a microphone already in the Touareg that could be used. My Audi A4 had one built into the pillar which I used with a Nokia handsfree kit.
BMW 740's have one as totally integrated phone is dealer installed.
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