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Hey guys,

I have the dreaded failing headlight wiring harness issue and found about 30% of my insulation was left, and nothing but a copper birdsnest in there. I have read through every headlight thread there is and come to the conclusion that I could upgrade to aftermarket (DDM tuning like everyone else), or replace with OEM. Since I needed new wires either way, I opted for whole new assemblies. I was curious and ordered both the Halogen and Xenon units just for fun. The 12 pin connectors are the same, so why not?

I plugged in the Halogen assembly and got orange running light and turn signals but no low/high. Here's my question:

Can I tell the Toueareg using VCDS to disable HIDS and will the Halogen assemblies then work? Will it then send different wattage?

If so, I'm sticking with Haolgen. If not, in goes the new Xenon units and ballasts.

Thanks guys!
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