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Hey Club Touareg members! We at Kozztuning have an opportunity for you on a GB. The Group Buy will consist of 20 inch ADR wheels and Nitto tires for your Touareg. The more that sell the cheaper is becomes for everyone, so let me know who's in!

$1875 SHIPPED for the Set of 20 inch Chrome ADR wheels and the Nitto NT-404 tires, (This INCLUDES MOUNTING AND BALANCING)

Wheels: 20 inch ADR Chrome Wheels(any 20 inch ADR wheels that are the right bolt pattern) I will post the links to the models available to fit the Touareg below:

1. Maximus-

2. Magnus-

3. Marquis-

4. Imperial-

5. Levison-

6. Stunna-

7. Deejay-

8. Dynasty-

9. Mardi Gras-

10. X-

11. Tarantella-

12. Emotion-

13. Empire-

14. Titan-

15. Sterling-

16. Raiden-

For this Group Buy you can choose from any of the 16 models of Wheels above.

Tires: Nitto NT-404 275/55R-20 -

Treadwear: 420
Traction: A
Temperature: A
Speed Rating: VR

About the NT-404 Extreme Force SUV
Transform your sport truck's handling into sports car quickness with Nitto's new NT-404.This new Nitto performer blends the V-rated technology used in ultra-high performance car tires with the load carrying capacity that can handle the weight of a truck. Add to that its tough, all-season capability and you have what you've been wanting all along.

·V-rated (up to 149 mph) design elements such as unidirectioanl tread pattern, spirally wrapped cap plies, and advanced bead construction add up to ultra-high performance.

·Action bead filler compound and high turn-up ply casing strengthen the sidewall for enhanced steering response and traction.

·Mud and Snow rated for all-season traction. Silica reinforced tread retains flexibility in freezing temperatures.

·Wide grooves near each shoulder and parallel double-V grooves provide excellent water dispersion and aquaplaning resistance.

If you have questions feel free to email me at [email protected], call me at 480-993-3366 or PM me.

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Might be...

Might be interested in the Sterling or the Maximus.

You state the price gets cheaper with more buyers. Can you give us a breakdown?
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