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Ignore the join date. I researched the Touareg thoroughly (really REALLY thoroughly) before buying. The site required me to join to use the search feature.

Finally spotted a 2014 TDI Exec for sale at a decent price in March (the surround view camera was a must-have for me). The dealer had done a beautiful job cleaning it up - new tires, new wipers, detailed, and wax job. I picked it up in Florida and promptly put 2700 miles on it driving back to Southern California. Immediately followed by another 800 miles helping my sister move to Phoenix. :laugh:

So having put 4 months worth of insurance mileage on the Treg in one week, I'm using my old car while I wait for the various state DMVs to get the paperwork sorted out so I can actually register the car. Hopefully I'll have plates before the end of May... Maybe... Probably not.

The car was a dream to drive on the cross-country trip. I hadn't considered the Dynaudio stereo on the Exec to be a factor in my buying decision, but after having listened to it and reading how the regular stereo is considered sub-par, I'm glad I paid extra to get the Exec. The only glitches so far were an oil leak (dealer who sold me the car used the wrong type of drain plug after an oil change), one of the surround view cameras not always turning on immediately after a cold start, and a rattle somewhere inside the front console on really bumpy roads (where they rip off the top layer of asphalt in preparation to repave it). I'm going to have the dealer look at the camera under warranty - I need them to install some sort of front license plate mount anyway, since California requires those and this being a Florida car doesn't have one.

I'm trying to find a leather or neoprene steering wheel cover. Yes I know it already has a cover, and another one on top would defeat the heated steering wheel. But the temps here rarely drop below 50 F, and the factory cover is hard enough that my hands hurt during the long drive. The wheel is pretty thick, and all the covers I could find were too small. Any suggestions?

I'm also debating getting an extended warranty, leaning towards getting it. It seems like Fidelity through a VW dealer is the way to go?
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