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Just picked up my Treg from the dealership - - Capital Cities Imports, Albany, New York (VW & BMW). I brought it in tuesday for its 10K service. I let them know that I was feeling a slight vibration when the steering wheel was fully turned. After checking the vehicle, the service manager informed me that in accordance with a tsb, they ordered a new transfer case and I would need to bring it back in today. no problem, loaner was ready for me. I also let them know that I thought that after the tire rotation the tires seemed slightly out of balance.

When I went to pick up my treg and pay for the 10K service -- oil change, tire rotation, etc and wheel balancing, the service manager said that there would be NO CHARGE!!! This is actually the THIRD oil change they have given me gratis!!!!!! (24 quarts of synthetic oil is how much?)

Furthermore, with the new transfer case, the truck is much quieter. No transmission whine.

I am starting to wonder if my dealer is an anomaly considering the stories I read on this forum.

V8, Off road grey, winter package
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